#102 – 2791 Highway 97N Kelowna BC V1X 4J8

Call Us: 250-862-8001

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your hours of operation?

8-5 Monday to Friday and saturdays 10-2

Do you guys fix equipment?

Yes, we fix a wide range of equipment.

Do you do pick up and deliveries?

Yes! for a small fee depending on your area

What times do you do pick ups & deliveries?

They are usually done after hours of operation to help out customers that are not available during the day. They can also be done during regular work hours as well.

Do you do online orders?

Not at this current time. 

Do I need a make, model and serial number if I need a part?

Yes there are lots of possibilities for parts so the more number off the machine and engine is the best way to look up parts.

Do I need to know my bar size and chainsaw model to get a new chain for my saw?

Yes, there is even numbers on the bar that help as well. 

Do you do sharpening?

Yes, we sharpen hedge trimmer blades, chainsaw chains, axes, pruners, loppers, and even lawnmower blades.

Do you make sure the equipment runs before it leaves the store?

Yes we do a full pre delivery inspection on all equipment that leaves this store. 

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